Building the digital tools that meet the 21st Century demands of your Union.

Developing a website, an email campaign, a Facebook page or blog can all be very intimidating tasks. We understand that many who are given this job may not be experts in digital communication. Still these tasks are necessary to meet the challenges of an increasingly tech savvy membership and world.  We can help! We work closely with you to build out your website and digital platform. Then we collaborate with your Union on a monthly basis to develop and implement a clean communication program. In short, we help you develop and manage your digital communications and deliver a top level, web-based communications platform that meets the needs of your 21st century Union.

When done correctly,  a website in conjunction with Facebook, blog article posting and email/text campaigns will elevate your organization now and for the future by significantly improving your ability to:

  • Service, Inform and Motivate Your Members

  • Support Your Business Agents and Staff

  • Further Strengthen Your Labor Union Message Locally and Nationally


An informed, motivated and supportive membership is our goal. The first step is to build out a simple, members-focused website that provides truly useful information. No fluff, no fillers, just answers to the most important information your members need.  Once this base of information is part of an easy to use website, we build out a basic blog/article publisher and Facebook profile(if you don’t already have one).  Your blog publisher is where you publish all of the good work your Local is doing for its members.  These articles can be shared out to Facebook to make it easy to bring awareness of your work to members and the general public. We tie this all together by developing a basic email system and strategy to regularly keep your members informed of any important information.   All of this work is done with the goal to build a more positive relationship with your membership.


 Identifying and reducing “busy-work” for business agents and staff is our goal.  This will create more time to focus on the important face-to-face work of contract negotiations grievances, job protection, education and organizing. A strong, service-focused website with practical information that can be easily shared by staff and business agents will reduce busy work and concisely address members needs.


Labor Unions are unquestionably the workers’ champions. They bring valuable wages, benefits and job security to millions of workers around the country.  But this message often is lost in the myriad of attacks by business and political interests.  We give you the power to fight back! We build out your website and blog properly constructed and optimized for google search, which allows you messages to be more powerfully disseminated into the broader web and digital landscape.  This concept is is called SEO(search engine optimization) where all content, whether is a website page, or a blog post, or a video posted on you-tube, is constructed with deliberate intent.  The intent is to maximize the reach and exposure so your messages come up highest in google search. The web is where the public fight for hearts and minds will play out, and right now, Union Busters are geared up and funded.  To combat this, we work with your staff to instruct them on the basic strategy of content creation and how you can make your message rank higher on internet searches.

Want to learn more?

Contact us and let’s have a conversation to see if you think we can help. We can provide support in any or all of your Union’s digital communication needs.