Everything Starts with Search Engine Optimization

All things on the internet today are measured, sorted and delivered by an extremely complex set of algorithms.  Whether you are using a website page, a blog post or videos to communicate, all information that is published digitally needs to be done with the knowledge of how that message is to be integrated into search algorithms.  When done correctly, your content and messages will rank much higher in search results and reach the members, potential members, and general public you target.  Without this foresight and expertise, a website and posted content is essentially flying blind, getting minimal bang for your buck. Every post, page and video is done with SEO at the forefront.   If Unions are to be successful in the digital age, SEO needs to be integral to everything done digitally.


Focused Design Collaboration

Every Local Union is unique.  There is no “one size fits all”.  Some Unions may be extremely multi-ligual, others may have focus on different aspects of motivating and serving their members. Still others may have different public policy goals.  When we start developing a platform with a new Local, we carefully brainstorm to flush out only the most effective way a website and subsequent communication strategy can maximally benefit the Local’s specific needs.  No junk, no fluff, Only valuable and use-able content should be put on the site.   This maintains focus on the core goals of serving the members, providing the best tools for agents and staff, and directing public policy with accurate and consequential content.


Email, Text and Facebook

Competing for your members attention in an ever increasingly busy world is harder and harder.  Establishing regular channels of communication with your members is essential to maintain a positive working relationship.  We are experts in email blast and text systems, and Facebook marketing.  Developing the email, text and social media channel is the first step. Once established, the work of regularly using these channels to keep your members informed will strengthen your relationship.


The Last Website Platform You Will Ever Need to Build

We develop your website on the most flexible backbone in use today. WordPress.  The WordPress platform is modular and offers the flexibility to change add or remove and endless array of significant functionality at any time.  Now or five years from now.  Want to add multiple languages to the site, online chat, an update-able jobs board, or sell Union gear through an E-commerce store?  No problem, this backbone uses the most proven, secure and flexible platform in the world.